/ / The Cathedral of Ajaccio: photo description (Cathedrale Notre-Dame-de-l'assomption d'ajaccio)

The Cathedral of Ajaccio: photo description (Cathedrale Notre-Dame-de-l'assomption d'ajaccio)

Ajaccio is the largest city and port of the French island of Corsica. This city is relatively young - it was founded "only" in 1492 and has long been the territory of the Genoese Republic. To the French the island was included only in 1768. The city gained world fame as the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, the great French military and political leader.

One of the attractions of the city is its Cathedral, consecrated in honor of the Dormition of the virgin. It was built in 1577-1593 years in the days of Genoese rule. He is now serving as the center of the diocese of Ajaccio. On 21 June 1771 was baptized here, the future Emperor of France Napoleon Bonaparte.

The temple is a masterpiece of the Renaissance and made according to Italian tradition. The architect of the buildings was made by Giacomo della Porto, a well-known fact that it was completed the great project of Michelangelo for the construction of the dome of St. Peter's Cathedral in Rome. The Church consists of only one nave, while on the sides there are several small chapels, and a small part of the Cathedral is reserved for choirs. The interior is characterized rather by grace of the Baroque era, rather than pomp and luxury, more typical of the Rococo style. It is worth noting the elegant marble altar, made in the XVII century. Also one of the side chapels of the temple are decorated with painting of famous French artist of the XVIII eugène Delacroix, symbolizing the triumph of religion. Magnificent old organ was manufactured in 1849.

In 1906, the Cathedral of Ajaccio was declared a monument of history and architecture of France. The temple is situated in the historical centre of the city - next to him are other prominent attractions such as Museum of fine arts and Palace of Lantime.