/ / Narbonne Cathedral: photos, description (Cathedrale Saint-Just-et-Saint-Pasteur de Narbonne)

Narbonne Cathedral: photos, description (Cathedrale Saint-Just-et-Saint-Pasteur de Narbonne)

Narbonne Cathedral is among the tallest churches in France - the height of the arches is around 40 meters. The Cathedral was consecrated by the names of Justus and Pastor, two young brothers who in the beginning of the fourth century were subjected to torture and execution for his Christian faith. At the time of the torture Joost was 13 years old, and the Pastor was younger than his four years.

Religious structure existed on the site of the Cathedral in the fourth century, it stood on the outskirts of the city, near the fortress wall. Then in its place built a Church, which in the VIII century was dedicated to the brothers Justus and Pastor. From this building survived only a few fragments of columns, which can now be seen in the cloister of the present Church, and part of the bell tower.

The Cathedral in its present form began to build in the second half of the XIII century, and in the XIV century the construction was interrupted for two reasons: from-for raged in Narbonne plague, as well as due to disagreements between the representatives of ecclesiastical and secular branches of local government. In particular, the lords and bishops could not agree on the completion of the transept of the temple, which was necessary to destroy part of the city wall.

Architect of the Cathedral was made by Jean Deschamps (at the planning stage and the initial stage of construction). In the XIX century in the construction of the Cathedral was intended to take part of the young architect eugène violle-Le-Duc, who later became a famous architect.

The Cathedral remained unfinished, but despite that, he still is considered an outstanding monument of medieval architecture. The Church established the Cathedral of the XVIII century the works of Christoph Mucherla. The interior of the Cathedral is decorated with about two hundred sculptures created in the XIV century, and a collection of tapestries by Flemish masters.

The Cathedral in Narbonne is a national monument of France.