/ / Cathedral Nimes: photo description (Cathedrale Notre-Dame-et-Saint-Castor de nîmes)

Cathedral Nimes: photo description (Cathedrale Notre-Dame-et-Saint-Castor de nîmes)

Cathedral of Nimes dedicated to our lady and the local Saint by the name of castor. He was consecrated at the end of the eleventh century by Pope urban the Second. The building of the Cathedral was erected on the place where stood a pagan temple, probably dedicated to the Emperor Augustus.

Initially, the Church of our lady and St. castor was built in strictly Romanesque style, but in the subsequent reconstructions in his appearance got the elements of the Gothic style and later style, called "historicism." Historicism was popular in the nineteenth century and involved the use of elements of other architectural styles and therefore also was called eclecticism. In the second half of the XIX century by the architect Antoine Henri Revoil when working on the appearance of the Cathedral has brought the traits of the Roman-Byzantine style. Earlier, in the XVII century during the reconstruction after the religious wars of the XVI - early XVII century, destroyed part of the Cathedral of Nimes was rebuilt in the Gothic tradition.

In the present appearance of the Cathedral you can see the signs of the different periods in the history of the temple. About the Roman period show the pediment of the facade and the bas-relief images on the theme of the old Testament. About the middle Ages and its architectural features can be seen in the nave of the Church, its side chapels and the chapel of the rosary in the Baroque style.

One of the notable features of this temple are carved stone, on which are carved scenes from the old Testament and the image of the king Alexander the great, descending into the underworld. This scene was taken from the novel "Alexandria". The Cathedral is characterized by the absence of one of the towers - it was destroyed during the religious wars.

In 1877, the Cathedral became the residence of the bishops of Nimes.