/ / Cathedral. Cross: photos, description (Cathedrale Sainte-Croix d'orléans)

Cathedral. Cross: photos, description (Cathedrale Sainte-Croix d'orléans)

Cathedral of the Holy cross in Orleans you can call one of the temples-"protracted". In France it was not uncommon, when the Cathedral was built over several centuries, but the Cathedral beat, perhaps, all the "records" for the duration of construction.

The first temple was built on this site in the second half of the IV century, and since then the history of the Church was the series of destructions, restorations and construction of new parts. In the IX century, the temple was destroyed by the Normans in X-m, the building burned down in a fire. Built on the site of the Romanesque Basilica was rebuilt in the XIII century in the Gothic tradition. The sixteenth century was again marked by the destruction of the building during the religious wars. In 1601 it was decided to build a new Cathedral and the first stone in its Foundation laid by none other than the king Henry IV and his wife Maria de Medici. Completion and consecration of the temple took place only two centuries later during the reign of Charles IX, who consecrated the Cathedral in 1829.

In this Church took place the coronation of the three kings: Charles the Bald (mid IX century), ed Paris (888), Louis VI (early XII century). A symbol of another French monarch Louis XIV decorates the facades of the transept. They depict the portrait of the king surrounded by sun rays and the letters of the motto "Not inferior to, and many".

In addition, in the Cathedral and throughout the Orleans, clearly visible traces of worship the national heroine of France Joan of Arc, canonized by the Catholic Church. In 1429 the maid of Orleans was praying in a newly built Cathedral, and the consecration of the Church in the nineteenth century was dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the liberation of the town by Joan of Arc. One of the chapels of the Cathedral was named as one of the streets adjacent to the Cathedral Sainte-Croix. In the first half of the XX century, the temple was a replica of the statue of Joan of Arc, created by the sculptor andré Vermerom to the canonization of the heroine in 1920.

Of the features elements of the Cathedral will celebrate the sculptures of the four evangelists together with their symbols placed on the façade, images of angels and gargoyles, stained glass Windows of the XIX century, as well as wooden carvings and paintings that adorn the interior of the Church.