/ / Cathedral. Peter Eletskogo: photos, description Cathedrale Saint-Pierre d Aleth)

Cathedral. Peter Eletskogo: photos, description Cathedrale Saint-Pierre d Aleth)

The history of the town of Alet has its origins from Gallo-Roman fortified settlement. Now this once powerful center was only one of the districts of Saint-Malo - Brittany major city in the Northwest of France, and received a new name - Saint-Sevrena.

Aleska diocese with an Episcopal throne of this city was founded in the IX century, then here was built the first Cathedral. Even though it was destroyed during a RAID of the Vikings in the tenth century, it was soon erected.

From a defensive point of view Alet was less fortified than the sprawling nearby Saint-Malo. No wonder that in 1146 the centre of the diocese and the Bishop's throne was moved there from Aleta. The competition between these two cities still grew, and eventually erupted into armed conflict. In 1255 the residents of Aleta protested unfair high taxes and revolted against the rulers of Saint-Malo, however the larger town won. As a punishment all the fortified buildings Aleta, including ramparts, the castle and the Cathedral were completely destroyed and were not reconstructed.

However, even destroyed, the ruins of the former Cathedral are of great historical interest. For example, in the course of archaeological excavations was determined the Foundation of the Church - it is part of the ancient city fortifications of the IV century. It is possible to recover the architectural plan of the Church, as it consisted of one large nave with a choir loft and four apses. The building is designed in the shape of a rectangle. It should be noted that this type of temple is atypical for Brittany, but it is very common in the Cathedral architecture of the epoch of the Carolingian Empire.