/ / The Cathedral of Saint-Lazare: photos, description (Cathedrale Saint-Lazare d ' Autun)

The Cathedral of Saint-Lazare: photos, description (Cathedrale Saint-Lazare d ' Autun)

Autun Cathedral was consecrated by the name of Lazarus - the man who raised Jesus Christ. Lazarus was resurrected on the fourth day after his death, then he lived another thirty years, during which he managed even to become a Bishop. In the first or second half of the tenth century his relics were transferred from Marseille to Autun. During the great French revolution, the remains of the Saint was desecrated (thrown out of the tombs and scattered), but the parishioners managed to save them and in 1803 it passed to the Bishop of Autun. Shortly thereafter, the relics of St. Lazarus were again exhibited in the temple to worship.

Initially, the main temple of Autun was built in the early V century and bore the name of St. Nazaire - his relics and remains of St. Celsus was kept in this Church. After the temple was transported the remains of St. Lazarus, Autun became the center of attraction for pilgrims. Their number is constantly growing, and therefore, in the first half of the XII century, the local Bishop ordered the construction of a new Cathedral.

The construction was started in 1120, and within ten years the Cathedral was consecrated by Pope innocent II. After 50 years it was installed the tomb of St Lazarus. Until the end of the XII century in Autun was two cathedrals, one of which operated in the warm season, and the second, of St. Nazaire, in the winter. Then the status of the Cathedral remained only at the Cathedral of St. Lazarus, and from the second to the present day remained the only chapel built in the XIV century.

Subsequent rearrangement produced in the XIII, XV, XVIII centuries, has made changes in the appearance of the Cathedral. So, during one of them in the second half of the XV century damaged by lightning the bell tower replaced the spire.

Among the features and values of the Cathedral it is worth noting some of the artwork - the canvas of Dominique Ingres the Martyrdom of St. Symphorien", the high relief of the last judgement, which was discovered under a layer of medieval plaster in 1837. This is an outstanding relief image decorates the tympanum of the Central entrance of the Cathedral. The work was created by a sculptor named Gilbert in the first half of the XII century.