/ / The Cathedral of Saint-Louis: photo description (Cathedrale Saint-Louis de La Rochelle)

The Cathedral of Saint-Louis: photo description (Cathedrale Saint-Louis de La Rochelle)

St. Louis Cathedral, having the status of a Cathedral, was to appear in La Rochelle around the second half of the XVII century, but it was built a hundred years later.

Its magnificent and even grandiose external appearance the Cathedral is obliged to architects, father and son, Gabriele. Jacques (father) executed the building project, and his son ange-Jacques after his father's death he supervised the construction and brought the project to his parents in the stone. Both architects were well-known personalities in France: Jacques Gabriel created a few mansions, and his son was in the rank of the first Royal architect, gained fame as the founder of a new classicism, his work can be seen in Paris and Bordeaux, the architect worked on the creation of Exchange square in Bordeaux, palaces of Versailles and the North wing of the Louvre.

The construction of the Cathedral began in 1742, and his consecration took place in 1784-m, despite the fact that the work had not been completed. Facade of the Cathedral is decorated with columns, pilasters and triangular pediment. The dome of the Church was painted by local artist William Bouguereau in the nineteenth century, which was considered one of the greatest painters of his time. Pretty modest interior of the Cathedral is decorated with stained glass Windows and the paintings, which are so-called "votive gifts", that is, brought as a gift to God as a sign of atonement or thanks for healing or recovery. Gifts to the St. Louis Cathedral was brought by the sailors who survived during the shipwreck.

Near the Cathedral is the bell tower, which was built in the XIV century and was part of the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew. The Cathedral was burned by the Huguenots two centuries later, and the bell tower survived and for a long time was considered the tallest building in the city. In the early twentieth century St. Louis Cathedral and the bell tower was given the status of historical monuments.

Currently, the St. Louis Cathedral is an active Church, it hosts the service.