/ / Cathedral Sainte-Marie: photo description (Cathedrale Sainte-Marie)

Cathedral Sainte-Marie: photo description (Cathedrale Sainte-Marie)

Napoleon II is credited with the words he supposedly uttered after seeing the Cathedral of Saint-Marie in auch. The Emperor was so impressed by the understated beauty of the temple that said, "This Council ought to put you in a Museum!"

The Cathedral in auch is a town located in the Department of Gers in the territory of the historical region of Gascony, has the status of a minor Basilica and is the object that is included in the world heritage list of UNESCO. The construction of this temple began almost at the end of the XV century and lasted for two whole centuries, over time the Cathedral has become one of the largest and richest cathedrals in France.

Its dimensions are 105 x 40 meters. The treasures of the temple are the values of nearly two dozen beautiful stained glass paintings of XVI century, more than a hundred benches made of oak, decorated with intricate wooden carvings depicting biblical scenes, as well as the organ, which was installed in the seventeenth century and even several centuries later is in working condition.

The building was built in the style of Gothic, with Windows of Lancet shape, and the interior was decorated mainly in the Renaissance style. Participation in work on creation of the interior of the Church was attended by the Gascon artist, Arnaud de Moles.

The Cathedral is located in the old part of the city, and the spire of its bell tower rises above the low buildings of the district of Osh. Another tallest structure in the historical part of the city is a forty-metre tower, Tour d'armagnac, which previously served as a prison and a courthouse.