/ / Cathedral Saint-Michel: photo description (Cathedrale Saint-Michel de Carcassonne)

Cathedral Saint-Michel: photo description (Cathedrale Saint-Michel de Carcassonne)

The Cathedral of Carcassonne is the name of the Archangel Michael and has a long history. About the middle of the XIII century, Carcassonne became to expand their territory. At that time, by the order of Saint Louis on the other side of the Aude river, began to build new quarters. The new area was named La Bastide. Before the construction of La Bastide in the southern and Northern suburbs of Carcassonne were two parishes, which a few years earlier were destroyed by the dynasty Tranquila Raymond Second. In one of the parishes was St. Michael's Church, which with the development of La Bastide was rebuilt.

About a hundred years later at Carcassonne coveted Edward, Prince of Wales, surnamed the Black Prince for his militancy and black color armor. The town was again destroyed and burned along with La Bastide and other neighborhoods, and more than a century was spent on its restoration.

The status of the Cathedral Church of Saint-Michel received in 1803, when the chair of the Bishop was transferred to it from the Cathedral Saint-Nazaire. The new status was obliged to have more than a majestic building and is more representative of the decoration, therefore, was begun the rebuilding of the Church. In the mid-nineteenth century the work was interrupted by the fire, after which the unfinished temple was in need of restoration. It was instructed to hold Eugène violle-Le-Duc. Work lasted twenty years, and closer to the end of the century, completed Cathedral was declared a monument of history.

The building of the Cathedral belongs to the Gothic style of Languedoc, which was not even the simplicity, and asceticism. Outside the temple is more like a fortress its facade is decorated with one round stained-glass window. Already in the last century in front of the Cathedral was laid out square, which houses a memorial to fallen soldiers.

Among the relics of the temple - the relics of saints and the statue of our lady of colored stone, which dates from the XIII century and kept in the first temple, Saint-Michel, built in La Bastide. The rose window that adorns the main facade, which was composed of pieces of colored glass that made up the stained glass Windows of the XIV century. Inside the closed body, so it can only be seen from the street.