/ / The Cathedral of Saint-Maurice: photo description (Cathedrale Saint-Maurice de Vienne)

The Cathedral of Saint-Maurice: photo description (Cathedrale Saint-Maurice de Vienne)

The Cathedral of St. Mauritius (St. Maurice) in the city of Vienne has the fate is not simple, but perhaps similar to the history of many other churches of France.
Its construction lasted five centuries - from the XI to the XVI century and ended in 1533. About thirty years later France began an armed conflict between representatives of two directions of Christianity - Catholics and Protestants, which received the generic name of religious wars. In 1562 the building is newly built Cathedral suffered at the hands of the Huguenots, in particular, has been damaged sculptural decoration of the temple.

During the reign of Napoleon, who was then first Consul of the French Republic, Archbishopric of Vienne, and a number of archdioceses, was abolished under the terms of the Concordat - agreement with the head of the Catholic Church by Pope Pius VII in 1801. The Cathedral of St. Mauritius, which had the status of a Cathedral, with the abolition of the Archbishopric of lost it.

From an architectural perspective, the Cathedral is the building in the Romanesque style, which in connection with the subsequent alterations and conversions acquired the characteristics of Gothic. In Vienne Cathedral is located at the bridge over the Rhone river.

The Holy, whose name this Cathedral, lived in the III century and was the commander of a cohort of the Theban Legion sent to fight in Gaul, the territory of modern Switzerland. Soldiers were Christians, and in Gaul they had to fight with the rebels against the Emperor Maximian co-religionists. For refusing to obey the orders of the Emperor, the Legion was twice exposed to decimation - brutal punishment, in which every tenth soldier was executed. Martyrdom was taken, and the Mauritius, which was canonized in the fourth century. St Maurice became the hero of many paintings and legends, he was considered the patron Saint of soldiers-infantry and knights.