/ / The Cathedral of Saint-Maurice: photo description (Cathedrale Saint-Maurice d'angers)

The Cathedral of Saint-Maurice: photo description (Cathedrale Saint-Maurice d'angers)

Cathedral of St. Maurice (Saint-Maurice) counts its history since 1023, when the site of the burned Church was built a new temple on the orders of two bishops - Norman de Dua and Guillaume de Beaumont.

Today, the cathédrale St-Maurice is one of the main attractions of Angers, a national historic landmark and the center of the diocese of Angers. In the middle Ages the Cathedral of St. Mauritius even pretend to hold within its walls one of the most important Christian shrines - the head of John the Baptist, but lost its Cathedral in Amiens.

Currently, the cathédrale St-Maurice is recognized as the most outstanding architectural construction in the shape which it is possible to see traits of different styles - Romanesque, Gothic, particularly its rare species known as "Angevin Gothic" originated in Angers and widespread in the Western part of France in the XII-XIII centuries. The Cathedral was built in the shape of a cross. Its facade on two sides as if to protect the two towers that in the sixteenth century were decorated with sculptures of the knights who accompanied Saint Mauritius. During the life of Mauritius was a Roman Legionnaire, however, and his satellites in the Middle ages, sometimes depicted as a knightly vestments. These sculptural elements were already executed in the Renaissance style by architect Jean Delespine.

Decorations of the Church are frescoes with scenes from the life of St. Mauritius, the stained glass of the thirteenth century, recognized as a masterpiece of glass crafts, stained glass and other paintings and altar created in the middle of the XVIII century in the Rococo style. In the nineteenth century were carried out restoration of the Cathedral. Earlier in the Cathedral were kept tapestries of Nicolas Bataille, who lived in the XIV century and recognized as the best master of Paris at that time. Now these tapestries are presented in Angers castle. The Cathedral is near the castle, in the historical centre of the city.