/ / The Cathedral of Saint-Pierre: photo, description Cathedrale Saint-Pierre d'annecy)

The Cathedral of Saint-Pierre: photo, description Cathedrale Saint-Pierre d'annecy)

St. Peter's Cathedral in Annecy is a national historic monument and the Cathedral of the diocese of Annecy. The building was built in the early XVI century and combines elements of late Gothic and Renaissance. In the beginning of its history the Cathedral was a small Church at the monastery of the Franciscans.

In the first half of the XVII century, the Saint-Pierre Cathedral had a very young Jean-Jacques Rousseau. The future composer and thinker at the insistence of his patroness Louise-Eleanor de Varan entered the Seminary, and then studied at the choir school and sang in the choir of the Cathedral of St. Peter.

During the great French revolution, the Cathedral was declared a Shrine of the Supreme being (or the temple of Reason), whose cult revolutionaries tried to spread instead of Christianity. This fact may have saved the Church building from serious damage in the dashing revolutionary years. However, after this Council had to re-sanctify it. In 1822 it was given the status of Cathedral.

In the XIX century the Cathedral was a big on the wizard of the Royal court, Nicolas-Antoine Summer. The main Cathedral bell weighs about three tons. The values of the Church include its internal Baroque decoration, altar, richly decorated in the style of "new Baroque", stained glass with images on them scenes from the life of St. Francis Sal, who during his life was Bishop of Geneva, and after the canonization was considered the patron Saint of writers and journalists, as well as patron of the cities of Annecy, Chambery and Geneva. His relics and the relics of his spiritual pupil and associate Joanna de Chantal, also canonized, is stored in Annecy.