/ / The Cathedral of Saint-Pierre: photo, description Cathedrale Saint-Pierre de Rennes)

The Cathedral of Saint-Pierre: photo, description Cathedrale Saint-Pierre de Rennes)

Diocese in the Breton town of Rennes was founded in the IV century. Now the chair of the Archbishop is the Cathedral of St. Peter, which, like many other churches in medieval France, was built over several centuries.

The Foundation of the Cathedral was laid in the XII century, the construction of the building began only in the late fifteenth century, the construction of the façade continued for another two centuries, in the XVI and XVII centuries. The facade consists of three tiers, the lower of which was built in the middle of the XVI century and the upper - over a hundred years later.

Over the appearance of the Cathedral are the work of several architects - françois Hugo in the XVII th, XVIII century already carried out a complete reconstruction of the Cathedral under Maturana of Cruse and completed it already in the middle of the next century Louis Richelieu. Reconstruction of the temple took after the choir fell from the roof of a large stone directly during the service. Apparently, there were other reasons to begin the overhaul of the Cathedral.

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, the Saint-Pierre Cathedral in Rennes is a historical monument of national level. This status, he won for his impressive appearance and rich interior decoration, which was used generously gilding and marble.

In the Cathedral in the second half of the XIX century was installed on, and in the XVI century for the temple an altar was built in the Flemish style, decorated with figures of saints - a total of 80. In 2007, Renne was an audacious crime: the thieves, hidden in the Cathedral and waited for the night, stole some details of the decoration of the altar and took them out of the country. Stolen artifacts found in the Netherlands and was returned to Rennes Cathedral.

The main architectural style of the Cathedral is neo-Gothic, but one of its elements - rotunda was built in the Renaissance style. It contains the blessed sacrament, hidden behind a tapestry work of the early seventeenth century.