/ / The Cathedral of Saint-Pierre: photo, description Cathedrale Saint-Pierre de Montpellier)

The Cathedral of Saint-Pierre: photo, description Cathedrale Saint-Pierre de Montpellier)

Cathedral of St. Peter in Montpellier was built in the Middle ages, but up to the present day is a prominent building has been preserved in the reconstruction of the XVII century. This temple suffered heavy losses in the period of the religious wars in the first half of the seventeenth century was recovered, and changes in its appearance were made in subsequent centuries.

Montpellier Saint Peter's Cathedral is located in the eponymous square. Currently it is the chair of the Archbishop of Montpellier. The Cathedral has the status of national monument.

St. Peter's Cathedral was erected on the remains of earlier religious buildings, built in the VI century. First on this spot was erected a Church which was part of the monastery of St. Benedict and Herman. It was built in the second half of XIV century and in the first half of the XVI century, had the status of a Cathedral.

In the era of religious wars, in 1561, the Cathedral was captured and plundered by Protestants. However, the believers still managed to keep the stolen value of their irrevocable loss. The fate of the Cathedral of Saint-Pierre also shared other churches and monasteries of Montpellier. Bells and wrought iron railings of St. Peter's became the material for the casting of ordnance, and five years later the Protestants destroyed the Church building and one of its towers. After the siege and sign a peace Treaty, king Louis XIII ordered to restore the Cathedral.

In the XVIII century the Cathedral was reconstructed under the project of the architect Jean-Antoine Irala. At the same time, the Church acquired a new organ. In the XIX century was rebuilt the bell tower, the choir, and appeared stained-glass Windows with scenes from the Bible.

The temple was decorated with sculptures that depict representatives of different classes and types of activities - warriors, priests, and others. Inside the Cathedral contains paintings of the nineteenth century and the pulpit, decorated with figures of preachers. In the Treasury of the Cathedral is the old Church books and vestments, ritual vessels, jewelry and relics.