/ / Cathedral of Soissons: photo description (Cathedrale Saint-Gervais-et-Saint-Protais de Soissons)

Cathedral of Soissons: photo description (Cathedrale Saint-Gervais-et-Saint-Protais de Soissons)

Cathedral of Soissons was named in honor of Gervasius and Protasius, the martyrs, who died for the Christian faith in late IIIrd century. They were twins and lived in a city called Mediolanum.

Soissons Cathedral began in 1176, but war-its construction lasted for several centuries. For example, during the hundred years war, the construction was interrupted not only by military action, but for a theft: the materials intended for the erection of the Cathedral, quickly pilfered. The North tower of the Cathedral was never built, because neither the Church nor the secular authorities are unable to find new funds to continue its construction.

Further blows to the appearance of the building caused the religious wars of the XVI century and the French revolution. The Huguenots plundered all the most valuable furniture of the temple and smashed the statues "guarding" the entrances to the temple. After the revolution the Cathedral was used as a warehouse for ammunition, which exploded in 1815 and destroyed part of the old stained glass Windows.

A distinctive feature of the Cathedral is its asymmetrical façade, decorated only one, the southern tower with a height of over 65 meters. In addition to it, the Cathedral has a low bell tower. The interior of the temple is decorated with paintings of "the adoration of the Magi by Rubens, the work of Philip de Champagne, "Jesus gives the keys to St. Peter", the white marble statue of the virgin Mary and the Archangel Gabriel. Some places still preserved the stained glass, created in the XIV century. The life of the brothers-martyrs Gervasius and Protasius were captured in the XV century on the tapestries kept in the Church.

The predominant style of the Cathedral is Gothic, and because of the long period of construction in its appearance, one can see elements of both early and late Gothic. Cathedral of Soissons is called one of the largest cathedrals in Picardy.