/ / The Cathedral of Toulon: photo description (Cathedrale Notre-Dame-de-la-Seds de Toulon)

The Cathedral of Toulon: photo description (Cathedrale Notre-Dame-de-la-Seds de Toulon)

In the history of Toulon Cathedral took place a rare event in the history of France: from a Christian Church was turned into a Muslim mosque. It happened in 1543, after 1528 Turkey and France signed a military Alliance against the Habsburgs. In Toulon at that time was stationed 30 thousand Turkish sailors Admiral Hayreddin Barbarossa. However, the Cathedral was returned to the Catholic Church.

Construction of the Cathedral in Toulon was started in the end of XI century by order of count of Provence Gilbert de Boson. According to his will, the Cathedral was consecrated in honor of the assumption.

The appearance of the temple, preserved to our days, was formed, mainly in the XVII century, when it was taken, a large-scale reconstruction of the building. The building was connected with the chapel of Holy relics, built in the XV century. Is the Western portal of the main entrance of the Cathedral began to run South. At the end of the XVII century was built a facade in the classical style, but at the end of the XVIII century it was damaged during the events of the French revolution. The façade was restored in 1816. Bell tower of the Cathedral was built in 40-ies of the XVIII century. Cathedral of the assumption has also been damaged during the war of the Spanish succession (beginning of XVIII century) and in the Second world war, when it was lost early stained glass.

Instead of the old paintings of glass glass in the Cathedral was installed, made by masters of our time. Also in the second half of the last century, the temple has installed a new altar adorned with bas-relief, preserved from the ancient altar. The decoration of the Cathedral are frescoes of the second half of the XIX century, paintings of the mid-seventeenth century, wooden statues covered with gold leaf (first half of XIX century) and the authority also established in the nineteenth century.

The Cathedral of Toulon has the status of historical monument since 1997.