/ / Montparnasse cemetery: photos, description (Cimetiere du Montparnasse)

Montparnasse cemetery: photos, description (Cimetiere du Montparnasse)

Montparnasse cemetery, located in the eponymous South of Paris, similar to rather than the place of burial, and the city Park is walking through the graveyard pass freely, "cutting corners". Its dimensions are small, the fame is much greater.

Cemetery in this part of the city appeared in 1824 and was originally called South. In the first decades of its existence, it was nothing special. However, since the late nineteenth century, the Montparnasse area because of the cheapness of living has become extremely attractive to poor artists, sculptors, writers. The names of many of them were made known, and at the local cemetery buried the ashes of world celebrities. Soon the cemetery became a sought after resting place of the - here began to bury not only artists, but also famous politicians, scientists.

That is why such a diverse list of names carved on the gravestones of Montparnasse. Lying there next to the Prime Minister of Iran, Shahpur Bakhtiar, the President of Mexico, Porfirio Diaz, the ideologist of Ukrainian independence Symon Petliura, the founder of the largest French car company Andre Citroen. And near - mathematician Gustave Coriolis, encyclopaedist Pierre Larousse, the poet Charles Baudelaire, writers guy de Maupassant and Jean-Paul Sartre, chess player Alexander Alekhin.

Monuments in the cemetery are often very unusual. Here is the headstone over the grave of the inventor of the gas lamp Charles Butler: under this lamp fashioned in every detail of the bronze of the bed the wife of the inventor, the Dude next to reading a book.

Equally unusual and traditions of the cemetery. On the grave of Serge Ginsburg, "French Vysotsky", fans of the bard, the actor and Director bring cigarettes and lighters. In addition, on the tombstone are always cabbages - it is believed that the head of Ginsburg resembled the vegetable.

Cemetery in fully playing the role of an urban Park: here in good weather, always walking moms with strollers, clerks from the nearby offices, sitting on benches, eat sandwiches. Care about tourists at the guard house at the entrance you can get a free plan of the cemetery.