/ / Cloister of Cordillera: photos, description (Cloitre des Cordeliers)

Cloister of Cordillera: photos, description (Cloitre des Cordeliers)

The history of the town of Saint-Emilion has always been associated with monasticism and winemaking. The main attraction of the city is the cave, which in the eighth century there lived a hermit named Emilion. His name, and he discovered the miraculous spring were attracted to this land of pilgrims. Next to the cave in the XII century was carved into the rock of the legendary monolithic Church. And viticulture and production of wine was known to the Romans who lived here.

One of the oldest attractions also associated with winemaking, and monk, are the remains of the Abbey of the Cordillera, built in the XIV century. The Cordillera called the Franciscan monks, who, girded with a rope, from the word "corde" (rope) was the name of this branch of the order. In Saint-émilion the Cordillera appeared in the beginning of the hundred years war in 1338, and after a few years they had received from the Pope permission to build a monastery in the city. Construction was started closer to the middle of the XIV century.

Monks lived in the Abbey until the French revolution, and then left the building badly damaged, became the property of the state. Today from the Abbey preserved cloisters, and the wine cellars, which store bottles of local sparkling wine and held it tasting. The cloister is a cloister that surrounded the courtyard of the monastery. You can see preserved the stone arcade of the cloister and the remains of other buildings of the monastery.