/ / Collegiate Church of Saint-émilion: photo, description Collegiale de Saint-Emilion)

Collegiate Church of Saint-émilion: photo, description Collegiale de Saint-Emilion)

Saint-Emilion is a small French town, famous for its fine wines, the breeding of which began at the dawn of a new era. It is located in the South-West of the country in the Aquitaine region, 40 kilometers from the capital city of Bordeaux. The settlement was named after a local monk Emilion, who founded here a monastery in the VIII century. It was followed by other monks and turned this village into a rich wine producing area.

It is not surprising that there remained quite a lot of old medieval buildings. One of them is urban collegiate Church, founded by a community of secular canons-Augustinian. Secular canons differ from ordinary monks that don't bring the first monastic vows, and is free at any time to leave the community.

The construction of the temple lasted quite long - it began in the XII century and lasted until the XVI century. Therefore, in its external form preserved elements of Romanesque style, typical of southern France and the Gothic, however, predominant in the appearance of the Cathedral. The distinctive detail of the Romanesque style are the vaulted ceilings and dome over the nave.

The Cathedral houses the statue of St. Valery - local patron Saint of winemakers. It is a polychrome wooden sculpture, which traces the grape juice left a few centuries ago. Time of manufacture is considered the Shrine of the XVI century.

One of the main decorations of the Church is its courtyard, is a jewel of Gothic art. It was completed in the XIV century and is in the shape of a square. Especially noteworthy is his arcade gallery, supported by elegant columns, each topped with a frilly capital. To the South-East of the remains of the previous cloister Dating back to the Romanesque architectural style.

In 1840 the collegiate Church of Saint-Emilion was granted the status of monument of history and culture of France. Now it is a working parish Church, one of the largest in the Department of Gironde. It also hosts annual concerts.