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Collection Lambert: photos, description (Collection Lambert)

Gallery "Collection Lambert" was opened in June 2000. It is the owner Yvon Lambert, French collector and gallery owner. Then he put on loan paintings from their collection. The gallery is located in an old hotel of the XVIII century. At that time the collection consisted of 350 works of art Dating back to the 60s of XX century to our days. Now the collection includes 1,200 exhibits.

The exhibits were collected from the 60s and reflect the inner world of the owner, his tastes, preferences, Hobbies. The exhibition presents works from different art movements: there are examples of minimalism, conceptual art, LandArt, which was the basis of the collection. In the 80s, Lambert became interested in a new kind of painting, more symbolic, figurative painting in the 90s photography. After he began to add to their collection of video exhibits and installations. Collector's attention is always directed at new authors and the modern trends.

The exhibition serves as a place for communication and a source of new ideas. The visitors are 5 sectors, covering an area of 2000 sq. m. Here are objects of contemporary art, literary works, cultural and youth programs.

Annually held three exhibitions. Most often they are confined to the events of the cultural life of the city, such as the theatre festival of Avignon. Sometimes conducted in cooperation with foreign companies.