/ / Colonge-La-Rouge: photo description (Collonges-la-Rouge)

Colonge-La-Rouge: photo description (Collonges-la-Rouge)

In the name of the village Colonge-La-Rouge, the word "red" appeared not by chance: many homes and other local buildings were built of red Sandstone, so the settlement has its own, creating a special mood and atmosphere color.

In General, the attractiveness of small towns of France, even if they Colonge-La-Rouge, included in the lists of most-most, is not a large number of national historical monuments or ancient ruins, and in the presence of a special, unique small villages and towns of the atmosphere - the feeling of centuries of antiquity, tranquility and comfort.

Colonge-La-Rouge is located in the Department of corrèze of the Limousin region. One of the cities nearby Tulle. In the commune there are about 460 people, and to see it come over half a million people annually.

Colonge-La-Rouge welcomes its guests with the smell of bread baked in the old bakery on the same old recipes, herbal aroma wafting from the meadows, and several attractions. Among them is the Church of the XII century, in which alternately prayed representatives of local Catholic and Protestant communities. In General appearance Colonia there are several beautiful old mansions that have become known under the names of their owners - the house of Beaune, home of writer and politician Heinrich Juvenile, who lived in the late XIX - first half of the twentieth century, also called house of Sirens, they were all built in the XVI century.