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Patisserie Miremont: photo description (Patisserie Miremont)

The oldest patisserie Miremont Biarritz is located in the square Georges Clemenceau. Perhaps this place more than any other pastry in the world, saw within its walls a noble and even Royal personages. So, here loved to drop in for lunch, the young Spanish king Alfonso XIII, sweets from Miremont relished the king of great Britain and Ireland Edward VII, did not escape his attention this cubby and the Portuguese Queen Amelia of Orleans. These and other eminent visitors liked to visit the tearoom at the pastry shop. The desserts that were served here were considered the most expensive but also the most delicious.

As aptly noted poet and dramatist Edmond Rostand, speaking about the large number of new visitors in a candy store: "five hours in the salon Miremont rum has less Bab than Korolev, and less cakes than the great Dukes and princes".

This earthly Paradise for the sweet tooth was opened in 1872. The first cake shop owner was Etienne singer, a young confectioner from Saint-Moritz. The second owner in 1880 became a Baker, Joseph Miremont, whose surname gave the name to the institution, under which it has existed for about 140 years.

Today the pastry shop and the interior of the XIX century on a par with other historical monuments of the country. It is possible not only to buy sweets prepared according to old recipes, but also enjoy other meals in the cafe, drink tea or coffee - almost like kings and Queens in the late XIX - early XX century.