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Conques: photo description (Conques)

The history of the settlement of Conques began with the founding of the monastery. The first in the VIII century in the mountains of the Rouergue settled several Christians, among whom was a man named Dadon, who became the founder of the monastery. At the beginning of the ninth century, the members of the monastery he joined the Benedictine order. The monastery enjoyed the patronage of the king of Aquitaine Louis the Pious, who several times visited the monastery, he granted her some lands, and freed from taxes. After the king, local lords also began to make large donations to the monastery, and very quickly, the monastery of Conques flourished and had great influence on spiritual life in the region. By the way, the name of the monastery is also attributed to Louis the Pious, it translates as "shell" and is due to the similarity of their landscapes with a conch shell.

The brothers from the monastery of Conques sometimes strengthened its influence is not always legal ways. So, they stole from a Church in the suburbs of Agen, the relics of Saint Faith (also called the Holy Fe or Foie). The crime was committed in order to increase the interest of the monastery and to attract new pilgrims who were passing by, following in Spain on the Camino de Santiago. The theft occurred at the end of the IX century and, indeed, contributed to the rapid prosperity of the monastery. The donations of pilgrims, the relics of Saint Foy, enclosed in a reliquary in the form of gold-plated head, gained a body made of precious metals and stones. Earlier this sarcophagus and a sample of sacred art kept in the Basilica, built in X-XII century, and now contains the local Museum.

In the first half of the XIV century the Church was closed, and the city which began to pass by the pilgrims, began to decline. From the final extinction he was saved by prosper mérimée, state inspector of national historic landmarks, re-opening it for travellers. The former Basilica in Conques, by the way, is the only temple on the pilgrimage Route, which has been preserved in its original form. Besides it, from the Abbey preserved fragments of the walls and the cloister.

Today Konk included in the Association "Most beautiful villages of France". Commune located in the Aveyron Department of the region MIDI-pyrénées.