/ / Royal castle of Collioure: photo description (Chateau royal de Collioure)

Royal castle of Collioure: photo description (Chateau royal de Collioure)

Royal castle Colure at first, and in fact was the residence of kings. However, over time it has evolved into a large fortress which is a complex of buildings and structures. They all appeared in the part of the castle gradually over several centuries.

The first mention of the Royal castle dates back to the second half of VII century. The castle stood at the entrance to the Bay, so he was turned into a fortress capable of defending the Maritime approaches to the important strategic and military port, which was the medieval Collioure.

At the base of this fortress are built in Roman times. The first reconstruction of the castle took place in the XIII century, subsequent in the fifteenth, when was erected the towers and walls of the Fort, which survived until our time. In the XV century, the summer residence of the kings of Majorca has finally turned into a fortress garrison. Sometimes the Royal castle of Collioure wrongly associated with the knights Templars and Hospitallers, but they belonged to another castle in Colure - Fort St Elmo, which was later attached to the Royal.

Another reconstruction of the fortress was made in the XVII century - the building was modernized so that people could stand under the blows of the artillery.

In the first half of the last century, the Fort served as a prison and even was a camp for Spanish refugees. Currently, the Fort is a Museum which features a permanent exhibition about the history of Collioure and temporary art exhibitions are held. In the complex of the fortress you can see the walls and underground rooms, a tower-donjon and barbacena, other buildings.