/ / The Royal Abbey of St. Peter in Corby: photo, description Abbaye de Corbie)

The Royal Abbey of St. Peter in Corby: photo, description Abbaye de Corbie)

The Royal Abbey of Saint-Pierre in Corby also has the abbreviated name, the Abbey of Corby. It is located in the eponymous village of the Department of Somme in Picardy, a few kilometres from Amiens.

The founder of the monastery became the Queen of the family of the Merovingians bathilde, Abbey it was founded in the 50-60-ies of VII century. Bathilde contributed much to the consolidation of Christianity, in particular, has imposed a ban on the sale of Christians into slavery, and founded another Abbey in Chelles at about the same time as in Corby. After the death of his bride was canonized.

Subsequently, the monastery in Corby has become one of the major centers of religious life and Sciences. At the Abbey there was a scriptorium, and to write unique and meaningful works of ancient philosophers, the first theologians, the brothers of the monastery of Corby was looking for them all over Europe. Your copies are decorated with miniature illustrations and kept them in the Abbey library. Rewritten among such treatises were the work of Euclid, Aristotle and Boethius.

In the second half of the IX century, the Abbey was destroyed by the Vikings, but it was revived and using patronage of monarchs, flourished for some time. The setting of the Abbey contributed to the so-called "new Corby Abbey, founded in the early ninth century in Westphalia. It was founded by two monks from Picardy Corby.

During the great French revolution, the famous Abbey library has been lost, for the most part. Some manuscripts from it was brought to Russia diplomat Peter Dubrovsky. In 1805, these books formed the basis of the division of manuscripts of the Imperial library of St. Petersburg and are currently stored in it.

The monastery, which is recognized as the main attraction of the village, to the present time preserved in a partially destroyed Church, built in the XVI century.