/ / Museum of Biscarrosse: photo description (Musee des traditions et de l'histoire de Biscarrosse)

Museum of Biscarrosse: photo description (Musee des traditions et de l'histoire de Biscarrosse)

Biscarrosse is located in the French region of Aquitaine. It is surrounded by two large lakes Cazaux and Parentis, as well as direct access to the Atlantic ocean. In the Primorsky district of the city opened resort. Even here in the thirties of the XX century functioned seaplane base, in the place which is now a Museum.

However, the city is famous for Museum and other local history. Its full name translates from French as "the Museum of the traditions and history of Biscarrosse". It was founded in 1988.

The Museum houses several departments. One dedicated to the geological picture of the area - here are the layouts of the structure of the bottom of the lake, as well as coastal margins and dunes; traced the whole evolution of the coastal strip of the Aquitaine region. The next section describes the daily life of the inhabitants of this region, Dating back to ancient times. Presented folk costumes, household items, tools, used in agriculture or in forestry. Special attention is paid to this sphere of economic activity as the tapping of the trees - this kind of forest management has its origin with the ancient Gauls and Romans. It is particularly prevalent in the coniferous thickets, which grow on the territory of Aquitaine. Other rooms display works of local artisans - especially popular activities are basket weaving and painting on porcelain. The Museum exhibits were donated by the inhabitants of Biscarrosse and nearby villages. You can also see old documents, also related to agricultural and foresty activities of local residents.

The ticket price also includes a romantic boat ride on the lake. For tourists, this is a fantastic opportunity to escape the hustle of city life and enjoy peace and quiet, coolness and freshness. The duration of this walk is just over two hours.