/ / The fortress of Ajaccio: photo description (Citadelle d'ajaccio)

The fortress of Ajaccio: photo description (Citadelle d'ajaccio)

Ajaccio is the largest city and port of the French island of Corsica. This city is relatively young - it was founded "only" in 1492 and has long been the territory of the Genoese Republic. To the French the island was included only in 1768. The city gained world fame as the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, the great French military and political leader.

Arrived on the island, the Genoese decided to build his castle long and chose the proper spot for her - a large part of the settlement was a swampy and marshy land. Finally, was chosen cliff, facing the Gulf of Ajaccio and the so-called blood Islands (ÃŽles Sanguinaires). The first stone of the citadel was laid on 30 April 1492. Then we built houses, designed to accommodate several hundred people in the city of Genoa arrived about one hundred families. It should be noted that the first Ajaccio was exclusively Genoese colony, and the Corsicans were forbidden to settle here, but soon the ban was lifted. The city became an important strategic and commercial center, but before 1791, the capital of Corsica was the city of Bastia, located in the North-Eastern part of the island.

Originally the fortress was only a fortified castle with a dungeon, surrounded by walls. Its defensive power was very weak and in 1553 it was captured by French troops during the Italian wars. It is already after the French occupation ended in 1559, the citadel was heavily rebuilt and acquired its modern look. Its towers and walls were strengthened, and the settlement of Ajaccio was separated from the castle. In 1789, when Corsica became part of France was held here a kind of redecorating, more aimed at the maintenance of hygiene and sanitation in the city.

The fortress is now the town of Ajaccio is a military target and therefore closed to tourist visits.