/ / The Bastille fortress: photos, description of Fort de la Bastille)

The Bastille fortress: photos, description of Fort de la Bastille)

The Bastille fortress, located in Grenoble on the right Bank of isère river, was built in the mid-nineteenth century. However, at the end of the XVI century this place was built a fortress to defend Grenoble against attacks. The initiator of the construction was the Duke of Frans de Bonn de Ledger seized Grenoble and became its ruler. All this happened in the period of religious wars, and the Duke himself led the army of the Huguenots. The tower was called the Bastille, and the name stuck for other defensive buildings, and by the hill.

Apart from the fortress, the Duke ordered to upgrade the wall is to build a more powerful on the former, built by the Romans. New fortifications could not only withstand a serious onslaught, with their construction and significantly increased the area of the Fort. Today, these fortifications can only be seen a few fragments.

In the XVII century fortress of Grenoble could be strengthened by the famous fortifier Sebastian de Vauban, who during his career has built and rebuilt more than one stronghold in France. But despite the developed project of reconstruction of work for its strengthening was not carried out. Was built a storehouse for gunpowder and made earth embankment.

In the XVIII century fortifications on the hill of the Bastille turned out to be unnecessary and was subsequently neglected. "Orphan" structures suffered damage during two severe floods in the first half of the century. About a hundred years later, the Fort de La Bastille again took the French state, so on the ruins of the fortress again started construction work. The works were supervised by a military engineer, General françois-Nicolas-benoît akso.

The Bastille fortress was a military facility until 1940. Currently it is a center for contemporary art, restaurants, an observation deck, a military Museum. The fortress can be reached by funicular.