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Cours Saleya: photos, description (Cours Saleya)

The Cours Saleya is the main pedestrian street of the Old town. This is perhaps the most lively and fun place in nice: here is one of the most famous in the South of France open markets.

The street runs parallel to waterfront This-Uni and stretches from the Rue Saint-françois-de-Paul on the West to the place Charles-Felix in the East. A wide space separated the stalls under striped awnings. Here they sell vegetables, fruits, bread and flowers that are as much a part of local life, like good food, wine and the Mediterranean sea. In addition, the shelves are filled with jams, candied fruits, honey, cheeses, sausages, olives, spices, Provencal soap. And, of course, is necessarily sold by the lavender.

This market not only for local tourists love it, especially those who rents an apartment in the Old town. People in the know come here from six to eight in the morning, buy canvas bags for products and bypass all the shelves, carefully choosing what to buy. When the choice is made, it is necessary to put the goods in a special plastic bowl, and only the seller sees sense - great for those who can't speak French. To bargain is not accepted. Tourists enjoy buying flowers in the hotel room, fresh fruit for Breakfast, a sachet for gifts or bread and cheese for a picnic on Castle hill.

Food and flower markets are open every day except Monday - on Mondays there are sellers of Antiques. In fact, this flea market: there is a lot of old things, from furniture to spoons and forks. Paintings, tapestries, glassware, jewelry, leather goods, crystal, trinkets - you name it.

Apart from the pleasure of exploring the shelves, the traveller and aesthetic pleasure: around old houses and through them shines through the arches of the sea. The yellow building of the Palais-Ke-de Perla is famous because of its third floor once lived Henri Matisse. Nearby is the charming Baroque chapel of Mercy, and if you go down the street to the West, you can see the Opera house.

After shopping comes the most pleasant part of the visit was lunch. You can eat there literally anywhere: the Cours Saleya filled with cafes and restaurants, and in the evening when the market closes, customers seated across the width of the street. Tourist wearily down on a chair, eating the famous fish soup Bouillabaisse, autentichnyj salad Nicoise or pellet Sokka from chickpea flour - and have it again be forces for exploring nice.