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Curemonte photo, description Curemonte)

Limousin is one of the most quiet and sparsely populated French regions. Perhaps this is another advantage along with historical and natural sights, and this plus appreciate the many tourists visiting Limousin. Province Limousin in the last century, became famous for their artisans, produced in Limoges unique porcelain and enamel, and the Aubusson - fine carpets and tapestries.

The commune of Curemonte, located in the Department corrèze, in Limousin is part of a great trio, and together with the villages Colonge-La-Rouge and Turenne is considered the most beautiful not only in the region, but also in France - is a member of the Association concerned. One of the neighboring towns, located 25 kilometers Tulle centre of the Department, and the population of the commune barely more than two hundred people.

But in the village's many attractions, each of which has the status of a monument of history. All these ancient objects were given this status in the last century - at the very beginning or towards the end of the century. These include the castle of St. Hilary and the eponymous Church, built in XII-XIII century. At about this time the castle was erected PLA and the Church of St. barthélemy, a century later there was built the Church of Saint-Wife and Joani.

The first mention of the village date back to XI century. Also in Curemonte preserved houses old buildings and fragments of defensive walls. If the attractions of Curemonte is not enough, it is possible to visit the neighbouring towns and villages - already mentioned with the Aubusson tapestry Museum, Colonge-La-Rouge with a XII century Church, as well as Rochechouart with the Museum and galleries of contemporary art in an ancient castle, the town Bourne, founded by the Hospitallers, and of Treignac-sur-vézère - the local centre of activities related to Limousin rivers.