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La garde-adhémar: photo, description La Garde-Adhemar)

La garde-adhemar is a picturesque old village on the South-East of France, the rhône - Alpes region. It is included in the Association "Most beautiful villages of France". It is home to just over a thousand people.

Located on a rocky ridge, so the maximum height here can reach more than 200 meters above sea level. It is here a small river Burr flows into a major waterway of the South of France - the Rhone river. Thanks to the fertile soil here is a well-developed agriculture. This area is famous for its wines and cheeses. Also, there is extracted a lot of edible truffles.

The history of this settlement dates back to Medieval times and is inextricably linked to the noble family of d adhemar, who lived here from the tenth century. Interestingly, this genus has existed for over a thousand years, the line is never interrupted.

In the XVI century in the town was built a powerful castle in the style of the Renaissance. It is known that it was the king of France Charles IX with his mother, the famous Catherine de Medici. Unfortunately, during the French revolution, the Palace was completely destroyed.

The main attraction of the village is the Romanesque Church of St. Michael (Saint Michel), built in the XII century. Of particular interest is the Western apse, made in an unusual style, more common closer to the North, on the territory of present-day Germany. Its frieze is decorated with fanciful ornament, and above it is a window in the antique style, surrounded by columns, whose capitals are decorated with the same ornament, and the frieze. The bell tower of the Church was completed in neo-Romanesque style in the nineteenth century. Among the interior decoration of the Cathedral is particularly worth mentioning is the ancient sculpture of the blessed virgin Mary with Baby Jesus, made in the XII century.

Also worth noting is the picturesque woods in the Eastern part of the settlement, known as the Valley of the nymphs. In ancient times it housed a temple dedicated to nymphs, the details of which were discovered during archaeological excavations in the early twentieth century. Now there is the ancient chapel of the XII century.

The town also has traces of military fortifications of the XIII century, and many old houses. La garde-adhemar is very popular among tourists there are several hotels and sold a lot of goods made by local artisans.