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La Bastide-Clarence: photo, description La Bastide-Clairence)

La Bastide-Clarence is a picturesque old village on the South-West of France, Aquitaine region. It is included in the Association "Most beautiful villages of France". Now there are just over a thousand people.

The nearest large settlement is the town, located 75 kilometers to the East. This area is part of the French Basque Country and is located on the territory of the former Kingdom of Navarre. The town was founded in 1288 to defend the frontier of the Kingdom. The settlement is a Bastide - a fortified settlement, widespread in the XII-XIV centuries in the South of France. Ruins of a medieval fortress were discovered during archaeological excavations in 1875.

The city grew rapidly, and in 1700 there were already more than 2,000 people. The population was very heterogeneous: in addition to Basques lived here and Gascons, and Spaniards, who fled the persecution of the court of the Inquisition in the sixteenth century. Also from the XVII century, here about 200 years lived a large Diaspora of fugitive Portuguese Jews. On the territory of the former ghetto preserved Jewish cemetery of that era.

The main attraction is the town Church of Santa Maria Assunta, built in the XIV century. Especially notable is the graceful Romanesque portico of the facade facing the Church cemetery. In the Cathedral is kept a masterpiece of religious art - painting of the XVIII century, depicting the virgin Mary with child surrounded by saints.

The town itself is a single architectural ensemble - here are the many half-timbered houses and mansions of the XV-XVII centuries, including the former hall for the ancient Basque ball games.

La Bastide-Clarence also has a pleasant Maritime climate with hot summers and snowless winters.