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Lavode: photos, description (Lavaudieu)

Lavage - a picturesque medieval village situated to the South of the centre of France, in the Auvergne region. It is included in the Association "Most beautiful villages of France". It is home to only two hundred people. The settlement stands on the river Senoir.

The main attraction of this town is its medieval Abbey, consecrated in honor of Saint Andrew (Saint-andré). It was founded in 1057 by the monk-Benedictine Robert de Turland, who after his death was canonized. Preserved deed of gift letter, signed by the king of France Henry I in 1052. The monastery built in XI-XII centuries have been preserved, notably the elegant courtyard (cloister), designed in the Romanesque style. Only the octagonal bell tower was destroyed during the French revolution in 1793, but in no time was restored. Inside is preserved the unique frescoes in the Byzantine style, notably the painting of the XII century, found in 1896 at the premises of the refectory is the monastic dining room. On the walls depict Christ Pantocrator and the virgin Mary surrounded by apostles and saints. In the temple preserved more frescoes, executed a little later - in the XIV century depicting the passion of Christ. And in the monastic Treasury is a copy of the head sculptures of Jesus Christ made of wood at the end of the XII century. The original of this statue is stored in the world's leading museums - the Louvre and the new York Subway.

Among other attractions it is necessary to note the ancient bridge over the river Senoir and the cross of wrought iron, erected in 1779. The village also has a Museum dedicated to the art and traditions of the inhabitants of the Upper Loire.

In addition, the city has many mansions and rich houses XV-XVI centuries, which gives it a single, unique architectural appearance.