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La garde-guérin: photo, description La Garde-Guerin)

La garde-guérin is a beautiful old village in the South of France, Languedoc - Roussillon. It is included in the Association "Most beautiful villages of France". Now year round it is home to only a few dozen people, but in the warm season the population of the village increases and reaches almost a hundred.

The first fortifications appeared here in the XII century by order of the Bishop of a large neighboring city pussy. This fortified settlement was arranged specially for the protection of the frontier until 1298, the was known under the name of La garde. The city was badly damaged during the numerous wars during the hundred years war it was occupied by British troops and burnt, and during the religious wars of the XVI century was captured by the Huguenots. The first restoration work was carried out only in 70-ies of XX century.

The town itself is a single architectural ensemble - here are many ancient stone houses and mansions of the XV-XVII centuries. Some of them engraved with the coats of arms of their noble owners and year of construction - 1597. They feature elegant Windows in the Renaissance style.

Also, the remains of a medieval fortress. Especially noteworthy is its donjon of XII century representing a single powerful standing five-storey tower, which reaches a height of 21.5 meters. About it it is possible to discern traces of dwellings, built in the XVI century. Unfortunately, the whole building almost completely burned down in the fire of 1722.

The town Church was consecrated in honor of St. Michael the Archangel who is the patron Saint of the settlement. It is made in the Romanesque style and is decorated with exquisite sculptures. Inside the temple is a wooden statue of the Archangel Michael, finished in the XV century.