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Lagrasse: photo description (Lagrasse)

Lagrasse is a small town in the Department of Aude, arrondissement of Carcassone, Languedoc - Roussillon. It is home to only a few hundred people who managed to keep the spirit of the medieval city and the historic sights, the main of which is the Abbey of St. Mary. It is located in front of Lagrasse, on the other side of the river'orbe.

The history of the Foundation of this monastery is related to an interesting legend, also known as "the Legend of Philomena" - manuscript, Dating from the XIII century and describing the acts of the Frankish king Charlemagne, who lived in the VII and IX centuries. As follows from this manuscript, Charlemagne found in the local woods hermits randomly, following with his army from Carcassonne to Narbonne. Along the way, the king and his companions witnessed several miracles, after which Carl decided to give the monastery the help and even sent a monk named Nebridius, who became the first Abbot of the Abbey, whose name has been preserved, and later received the rank of Archbishop of Narbonne.

The Abbey belonged to the Benedictine order. Thanks to the Royal patronage, it is already in the IX century became prosperous and gained "weight" in the religious life of the country. In the XIII century lagrasse the Abbot was such an influential person that even acted in a diplomatic role - was the mediator in the conflicts between Catholics and heretics-the Albigensian.

In the period from the end of the XIII-th to the XV century inclusive and the whole Abbey Lagrasse, have experienced not the best times: the inhabitants of the town and the monks dropped the test in the form of epidemics and wars, and ecclesiastical reforms. In the XVI century ended with the construction of the monastery Church, and in the following century, the monastery joined the congregation of marystow and literally experienced a "second birth". But by the beginning of the French revolution the Abbey was about a half dozen brothers, so abode, without thinking, was sold in two different lots. Currently, most of the Abbey owns the monastic community and the smaller state.

In addition to St Mary's Abbey in Lagrasse, you can see fragments of the medieval defensive walls of the ancient market and the bridge, built in the early XIV century and renovated in the nineteenth, and destroyed the Abbey of Saint-Michel with its Gothic Church.