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La couvertoirade: photos, description (La Couvertoirade)

The history of the Aveyron village of La Couvertoirade connected with the order of the knights Templar. In the local mountains, in the middle of the XII century they built a castle and Church, and then around them grew and the settlement itself. Along with La Couvertoirade they founded a couple of fortresses Cavalerie and Pas-de-Jo. All of them were situated on the limestone plateau of Larzac, which was also called the "valley of the Templars". The land knights of the Temple received as a gift from the king of Aragon and count of Barcelona.

After the closure of the order by the Pope in the early fourteenth century to replace the knights Templar in La couvertoirade came other knights and the Hospitallers. They thoroughly strengthened the castle by building the donjon, and surrounded the village ramparts. These fortifications helped the village to survive during the years of religious wars before the onslaught of the Huguenots. After the French revolution the village was in decline, and the interest in it reappeared only after the mid XIX century.

The town of La Couvertoirade is located in the region of MIDI-Pyrenees, it is home to less than two hundred people. Decent historical "legacy" of the Templars and the Hospitallers allowed the village to join the Association "Most beautiful villages of France". The historical monuments in the village include fragments of the walls, the donjon and the other surviving part of the castle built in the XII century, houses built in the XII-XVI centuries, the former cemetery of the XV century and the Church of Saint-Christol on it. In one of the old houses exhibition centre, which offers a La Couvertoirade show a film about the history of the settlement. Here you can also walk along the fortress walls and feel the spirit of the middle Ages.