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La Roque-sur-Cèze: photo, description La Roque-sur-Ceze)

La Roque-sur-Cèze is a beautiful old village in the South of France, Languedoc - Roussillon. It is included in the Association "Most beautiful villages of France". Now there are less than 200 people.

The settlement was built on the cliffs near the rapids of the river Cèze, where the town is. A stone bridge over this river was built in the XII century and consists of 12 graceful arches. It bears the name of Charles Martel, grandfather of the famous Emperor Charlemagne. Since 1980, this building is a monument of history and culture of the country. As for the rapids of the river Cèze, which are often called even waterfalls, since 1993 they are a unique nature reserve and is under state protection. It is believed that these limestone rocks more than 5 million years. From the top of the cliff, where just is the city's medieval castle, offers stunning views of the river Cèze and waterfalls.

The city itself was founded during the XII century. In the first place it was built the medieval castle. Unfortunately, the history of this area, very little is known, except that in 1573 the settlement was captured by the Huguenots, and the fortress was burned. At the end of the XIX century, the castle was finally abandoned. Now it's half destroyed, and is privately owned and therefore closed to tourist visits.

The town has two churches: the old, which is a former castle chapel in the Romanesque style, located on a hilltop in the Old city, while more modern, was built in 1883, situated at the foot of this hill.

La Roque-sur-Cèze is a single architectural ensemble - here are the many medieval stone houses and mansions.