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La Flotte: photo description (La Flotte)

La Flotte is a picturesque commune located in the French Poitou - Charentes region, West of the centre of the country. Interestingly, the settlement is not located on mainland France, and on the small island of Ré, with dimensions of 30 kilometers long and 5 kilometers wide. He located in the Atlantic ocean and connected to the main part of the country a three-kilometer bridge.

The main area of the city is its old port. In the past La Flotte was an important trading centre, became quite common trade in wine, salt and seafood. Interestingly, in may of each year, the port area is a bright night festival of lights. Also, there is a military Fort in 1625, consisting of four bastions, connected by a powerful fortress wall. It was destroyed in 1685 by order of the famous French military engineer Vauban. Among other attractions, it is worth noting the medieval market square and the Museum dedicated to the history of fishing.

The city parish Church, consecrated in honor of St. Catherine of Alexandria, was built in the XIII century, but rebuilt in 1575, and then again destroyed in 1621-1627 years in clashes with the Huguenots. The most ancient part of it, preserved from the first building, the chapel of the XII century. It is worth noting beside the chancel, belonging to the same historical period. Of particular interest is the southern portal of the Cathedral, made in Gothic style and decorated with stained glass. In the Cathedral also houses the bell of the XVII century, served for over 300 years.

Near the town are the ruins of the old Cistercian Abbey of Notre-Dame-de-Re, founded in 1150. However, today the building belongs by the end of XIII - beginning of XIV century, as in 1294 the Abbey was badly damaged after the attack of the British. Unfortunately, the monastery did not survive the destruction of the hundred years war and the wars of religion and was never restored. The best preserved main temple, consecrated in honor of the blessed virgin Mary (Notre Dame). It is known that it consisted of a single nave. In addition, traces of other monastic buildings - the cloister and the refectory. The whole architectural complex built in the Gothic style.

The main income of the island of Ré is agriculture, winemaking, fisheries and tourism, including marine tourism and camping.

The settlement of La Flotte included in the Association "Most beautiful villages of France". It is home to almost three thousand people.