/ / Le BEC-Allwin: photos, description (Le Bec-Hellouin)

Le BEC-Allwin: photos, description (Le Bec-Hellouin)

Le BEC-Alleen is a beautiful old village in the North of France, region Upper-Normandy. It is included in the Association "Most beautiful villages of France". It is home to only about 400 people.

The city became known for its historic Benedictine Abbey of BEC, founded in 1034 by the blessed year Aluinum Bryanskim, after whom the settlement got its name. In the XI century, it has operated a convent school in which he studied the major religious figures of the middle Ages. Patrons of the Abbey were kings of both countries - and France, and England. In 1167 there was even buried Queen of England Matilda. The decline began after the hundred years war and religious wars, when the monastery was seized by the Huguenots. During the French revolution, he was dismissed in 1791, and the monks took all the jewels and shrines, including even the coffin Erlwine - founder of the monastery. For a long time it housed part of the army, and in 1948 the Abbey was returned to the Church, and after 11 years back and lost the coffin Erlwine. The monastery several times and has been completely rebuilt, modern buildings belong to the XVII-XVIII centuries. However, there are also more old buildings, for example, a room of the janitor, and the fortified tower of St. Nicholas. Also on site presents a lot of old sarcophagi and tombs, Dating back to the Middle ages.

In the village there's another, newer monastery dedicated to St. Francesca Roman, who lived in the first half of the XV century and canonized in 1605. City temple was built at about the same time with the Abbey of BEC, he was consecrated in honor of St. Andrew.

In addition, the city has many mansions and rich houses XV-XVI centuries, which gives it a single, unique architectural appearance. No wonder more and more tourists visit this picturesque village.