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Le Faou: photo description (Le Faou)

Le Faou is a picturesque old village on the North-West of France, Brittany region. It is included in the Association "Most beautiful villages of France". It is home to more than a thousand people.

Interestingly, the area is located on the territory of the Western Department of the country of Finistère, whose name means "land's end". The nearest large settlement is the city of Brest, which is 25 kilometers away. A large part of the Department is Les du Crane (Forêt du Cranou), which is part of the national Park Armorique.

The story of Le FAU has its origin in the XI century. Here lived the noble family of the viscounts du FAU, whose descendants exist to this day. In the XVII century earth), went to the famous cardinal Richelieu. The city has not lost its strategic significance here continued important from an economic point of view of the seaport. In the XIX century visited the Emperor Napoleon III.

The town is a single architectural ensemble - most of the houses still preserved from the XVI century. In addition, the historical period and the town Church, the façade of which overlooks the sea. It was consecrated in honor of Christ the Savior, adorned with a bell tower of the Renaissance. Inside is certainly worth to admire the elegant baptismal font, which is striking for its rich stucco. We should also note the carved statues of the 12 apostles, placed in the portico of the temple. The sculptures were made in 1593-1613.

Three kilometers from the city is the sanctuary Romangoli dedicated to the virgin Mary. The first Christian structure here appeared in V-VI centuries, when thanks to the work of the Holy Guenole in Brittany Christianity was. Earlier this place was located the temple of the druids. The modern Cathedral was built already in the XVII century. The Church surmounted with a tall graceful spire, and the altar inside is decorated with ancient images. Every year on the day of the Holy Trinity, here come thousands of pilgrims.