/ / The glacier Mer de Glace: photos, description (Mer de Glace)

The glacier Mer de Glace: photos, description (Mer de Glace)

Mer de Glace (French for "sea of ice") is located on the Northern slope of Mont Blanc. This huge glacier is one of the outstanding natural attractions of the French Alps and actively visited by tourists. In addition to the ice massif there are still a few attractions created by human hands.

The area of the glacier Mer de Glace in excess of 33 square kilometers, its length is 12 km and the ice thickness reaches up to four meters. This colossus form four ice streams, which descend from the mountains in the Chamonix valley. From the glacier enters the water stream, which flows into the river Arve. The glacier moves and reduced in size over the last hundred years, it "shrunk" by about a quarter. In the year the glacier moves about 70 metres, which every summer the Ice grotto has to be hollow in the ice again.

Ice grotto - one of the man-made attractions of the Mer de Glace. This cave is placed a temporary exhibition dedicated to the life of the inhabitants of the French Alps in the nineteenth century. In the grotto set wax figures, which put on traditional costumes and next to put the tools of their labor and put animal figures.

In the valley of Montenvers at the base of the glacier is another Museum - Glaciarium. It is a collection of the minerals of Mont Blanc, and also hosts a multimedia exhibition dedicated to the glacier, glaciology, climate protection and nature.

Much earlier than the Ice grotto and Glaciarium, here came the highland railway Montenvers. It was built in 1908, and it regularly picks up tourists on the glacier and delivers them to the museums. In addition, over the "Sea of ice" takes place and the cable car that transports skiers across the top of the mountain Aiguille di MIDI. It is possible to get from France to Italy and back, and to downhill ski or snowboard as possible on the Italian side of the resort, and French.