/ / Forest Park Croix des gardes: photos, description (Croix-des-Gardes)

Forest Park Croix des gardes: photos, description (Croix-des-Gardes)

Croix des gardes - the "green lungs" of Cannes, a huge urban forest, which lies just a mile Northwest of La Croisette. The small town has a Park, which would have done honor to other capital.

Eighty acres is the area of this green sea. Land on the French Riviera is very expensive, and the fact that the maintenance of such a large area in the virgin form is a matter of respect. To discourage officials and businessmen desire to "bite off" a piece of natural areas under various projects, the whole of Croix des gardes transferred to property "Conservatoir du littoral", special public organizations, protecting nature coast. Guarding the Park seriously: it even has its own mounted police.

The value of this place understand yet king Francis I, who, in 1525, placed here a garrison of Swiss guards. From the highest point, Croix des gardes, the earth and the sea, visible for miles, and the Swiss had the ability to control a huge territory. No wonder the "Croix des gardes" can be translated as "cross guard".

The next milestone in the history of the forest is associated with the name of the founder of modern day Cannes, Lord Broome, which was considered to be, in 1864, brought and planted previously unknown in these parts of the plant, Australian Mimosa. Guest stuck great, maybe even too much. Anyway, one of the concerns of the owners of the Park limit its spread, otherwise this beauty is able to displace native species (pine, oak, strawberry tree) and other guests - cork and Holm oak, eucalyptus, Aleppo pine, even iron wood.

Whatever it was, luxuriantly blooming from January to March the Mimosa - an extremely attractive feature of the Croix des gardes. You should only consider that blossom, Mimosa spreads a strong fragrance allergies, this may not be too useful.

From other species of plants it is worth noting a whole field of wild marigold, Yucca, Wisteria, lavender. The fauna is relatively poor but there are owls, owls, hoopoes, woodcocks, Orioles, Kestrels.

Closer to the center of forest Park there is a monument to the pilots of American bomber that crashed during the Second world war in these hills. Modest memorial: weathered stone slabs, crushed a terrible blow an engine, a propeller, a memorial plaque.

And finally, the highest and most wonderful point of the Croix des gardes, where there is a huge metal cross, from here you have amazing views of Cannes castle, Castre, on the hill of Le Suquet, the Bay, the Lerins Islands, the Esterel. If you turn to the North, there rise the ridges of the Maritime Alps, in good weather you can see even the non-melting mountain snow.