/ / Ladder OSHA and the monument to d'artagnan: photos, description (Escalier monumental)

Ladder OSHA and the monument to d'artagnan: photos, description (Escalier monumental)

A few kilometers from auch, the castle Kastelmor born Charles Ogier de Batz. However, well-known in France, and then almost all over the world it was under a different name. Moving to the first half of the seventeenth century in Paris, Charles de Batz took her mother's name is d'artagnan, who was descended from the family of de Montesquiou d'artagnan.

Charles de Batz as the hero of the novels of Alexander Dumas, was in the service in the company of the Royal Musketeers, served as the personal and sometimes secret orders of king Louis XIV, and Gascon served as a courier from the cardinal Mazarin. Prototype d'artagnan had a distinguished military career and even tried his hand as Governor of Lille, but this role he has failed, and he returned to the military. At the court of de Batz was known as a truly indispensable and very reliable person, and so even the king was sorry when he died. Death overtook Charles de Baza during a battle with the city of Maastricht in the Netherlands in 1673, where he was buried. In the nineteenth century, d'artagnan was the hero of several novels in which Alexandre Dumas twisted the true facts of the biography of Charles de Baca as with fictional events, and with real, true, not all of them had to do with the real d'artagnan.

In Europe, d'artagnan has several monuments in Maastricht, Paris, and Gascon in the city of Osh, whose residents believe that the gallant major-General (until such title rose de Batz) as their countryman.

In auch a monument to the legendary Gascon was installed in 1931. The statue was cast in bronze and portrayed d'artagnan in full length, dressed in military uniform and a long cloak. The head of the hero is decorated with a hat with a feather, while one hand rests on the hilt of his sword.

Place for the monument was chosen in the old part of the city, where in 1863 was built a staircase with 370 steps. This staircase connects the river Gers and the hill on which the old city's neighborhoods. In the center of the stairs and stands a bronze d'artagnan.