/ / Lyon Opera house: photos, description (Opera de Lyon)

Lyon Opera house: photos, description (Opera de Lyon)

The building of the Lyon National Opera house several times and completely rebuilt. The first Opera in Lyon was opened in 1756. The building, built by the author of the Paris Pantheon Jacques-Germain Souffle, was considered too small and was demolished in 1826 to make room for new construction.

In the new building of the Opera house was opened in 1831. On the opening day gave a production of "the White lady" the boieldieu. Later on the stage of this theatre hosted the premieres of many outstanding works - for example, the Opera "die Meistersinger von nürnberg" by Wagner (first performed in 1896), and "Boris Godunov" by modest Mussorgsky (premiere in 1913).

At the end of last century the theatre was decided to rebuild again. For the design on the results of the competition were chosen by the famous French architect Jean Nouvel, whose name at present is the theater, also called the "Nouvelle Opera".

Work in the building of the theatre was carried out from 1989 to 1993. The restorers tried to preserve the appearance of the building, but completely rebuilt the interior space of the theater. In the upgraded building there was a underground floors, on which there are rehearsal rooms and a glass dome. Due to this construction, the height of the building increased two times and amounted to 62 meters. Inside the dome is a ballet troupe.

On the facade you can see statues of eight muses which decorated the facade of the old Opera house, opened in the first half of the nineteenth century. However, figures of eight muses - Urania, the patroness of astronomy, ruled out as irrelevant to the Opera.

The auditorium is designed for 1,100 seats. Performances of the Lyon Opera in the theater world acknowledge interesting and even outstanding, the tickets are not too expensive.

To learn more about the theater itself and its architectural features tours of the building.