/ / Lyon Cathedral St-Jean: photo description (Primatiale Saint-Jean-Baptiste)

Lyon Cathedral St-Jean: photo description (Primatiale Saint-Jean-Baptiste)

St. John the Baptist (or of Saint-Jean was built in the XII century and since then is the main Church of Lyon. It has the status of a Cathedral and is located in the same quarter in the historic district of the city, Old Lyon, between the saône rivers the river and the Fourvière hill.

The Saint-Jean Cathedral is known as the place where to administer important events in the life of the head of the Catholic Church and other first persons of the French state in the Middle ages. In the beginning of XIV century it was crowned Pope John XXII, in the early XVII century, this temple took place the wedding of Henry IV and Marie de Medici, as well as the enthronement of cardinal Richelieu.

The construction of the Cathedral was begun in the XII century on the site of the sanctuary of the Merovingian era and was completed only in the XV century. For the construction of the temple and used the stones from the ruins of city buildings made by the ancient Romans. Due to stretching of the century building, one part of the temple was completed in the Romanesque style, and the other, later in Gothic.

During the French revolution the Church was desecrated and looted, and only in the first half of the XX century was restored to its initial appearance. At the end of the last century, restoration work was carried out on the facade and in the apse.

In the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist you can see a few interesting sights such as the stained glass Windows of the XIII century, body (mid XIX century), statue of John the Baptist, Dating from the late eighteenth century. The Church adjoins the building of the Church schools of singing, where the Treasury is situated.

In addition, the Church keeps acting astronomical clock, created in the XIV century. They are the oldest in France. These watches not only show time and date, but also the position of the moon and Sun relative to Earth and the sunrise, some of the stars above Lyon. Four times a day are accompanied with religious scenes in the performance of mechanical dolls.