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Lo: photos, description (Lods)

Village Lo is on the river Loup and administratively belongs to the Department Do that's the play on words is sometimes observed in the toponymy of the region of Franche-comté. Near the village the river forms beautiful waterfalls, which attract tourists, especially in summer. Here there are camping sites and all the conditions for good fishing. The closest city is Besancon, which is located about forty kilometers.

Lo tiny village with a population of a couple hundred residents, is also included in the list of the most beautiful villages of France. Here the picturesque nature and several historic ruins and completely preserved landmarks with a long history. The first mention of Lo dates from the late XII century, but archaeologists have already confirmed that a settlement on the site of the modern commune existed in the V century.

The main occupations of the local population was the wine, and then smithing. This is evidenced by the former Studio and home of winegrowers, now translated to the rank of local attractions. From the masters of forging preserved coastal blacksmith shops, a hardware shop (second half of XVIII century) and a workshop (early nineteenth century), which is now a small hotel. Winemakers lived in houses built in XVI-XVIII centuries, also, with the history of this fishery can be found in the local Museum of wine and viticulture.

In the village of Lo well preserved castle, built in the XIII century. It has been rebuilt several times by different owners, during the revolution and became national property and was sold at auction. Today it is owned by the artist named Roger Roy, who is in no hurry to let tourists into their possession.

Religious architecture in Lo presents the parish Church of the XVIII century and several chapels. Secular architecture of the past centuries represent the town school and old post frontier (mid nineteenth century), bridge with arches (XVI century).