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Lauzerte: photo description (Lauzerte)

Lauzerte is a beautiful old village in the South of France, region MIDI - Pyrenees. It is included in the Association "Most beautiful villages of France". It is home to more than a thousand people. The nearest major town is Toulouse, which is located 80 kilometers to the North.

During the archaeological excavations it was discovered that here was located the ancient oppidum even pre-Christian times. The modern city was founded in the late XII century. It is a Bastide - a fortified settlement, widespread in the South, in the XII-XIV centuries. According to the Royal decree, Raimund, count of Toulouse, it was forbidden to build fortified cities in its territory, and therefore to protect their possessions, he had a point to settle in this area a small fortified villages. Lauzerte is just one of those villages. It subsequently grew into a major city, surrounded by a strong wall with towers and other defensive structures.

During the hundred years ' war, Lauzerte, for a few years taken over by the British. The city suffered during the religious wars of the XVI century it was alternately conquered itself the the Huguenots, the Catholics. But later he was able to regain its former administrative influence - it housed the court of Senegala. Also Lauzerte was an important trading center.

The city has preserved many ancient religious buildings, the oldest of which is the Capuchin monastery of the XII century. It is also worth noting the main Church of the Carmelite monastery of the XIV century, inside of which are graceful sculptural group 1673 depicting the virgin of the rosary surrounded by the saints. The town Church was consecrated in honor of St. Bartholomew and is a powerful structure with two fronts made in different eras - in the XIV and XIX centuries. Vaulted ceiling of the Church was completed in 1654. It consists of a nave, six chapels and a rectangular bell tower. The main part of the interior of the Church is a Baroque wooden altar dedicated to the virgin Mary.

In the Old town presents a half-timbered mansions of the Renaissance, but also more old houses Dating back to the XIII century. The oldest city building is the hospital 1222. The modern city hall is a building of the XVIII century, but retained the building, the former administrative centre, built in the years 1360-1370.

From April to the end of summer in the city almost non-stop are colorful festivals. Well as Lauzerte is on the famous pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela, where the tomb of St. James.