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Locronan: photo description (Locronan)

Residents of the small Breton town of Locronan tried to preserve its medieval identity: even the cars are rare, and wires in the streets and not see - so they do not spoil the appearance of the city, they laid under the ground.

The village of Locronan was granted city status at the beginning of the XVI century at the behest of Anne of Brittany, although the settlement is known since the V century - the first man settled here, I think St. Ronan came from Ireland. In the Middle ages there existed the Abbey, on the border of which today pass solemn procession of Large and Small Tromenie - holidays in honour of St Ronan. Previously, they had a great religious importance, and now increasingly cultural. Large Tromenie held in July every six years, and the small celebration every year.

The name of St. Ronan, the town was consecrated the temple, built in the XV century and decorated with stained glass Windows and frescoes with scenes from his life. In the XV-XVII centuries the city flourished thanks to the development of weaving. Local weavers produced a strong substance which was made of ship sails. After king Louis XIV revoked for Brittany, the monopoly on trade in the tarp, Locronan fell into disrepair. But the appearance of tourists here great revived the local life and economy.

Locronan is included not only in the list of the most beautiful villages of France, is also a member of the Association of small distinctive towns of Brittany. His notable places include Central Grand place, which is surrounded by granite mansions that belonged to the colour of the local society: wealthy factory owners, officials and officers. Today the Grand place - the focal point of local artisans and souvenir shops. Another attraction of the town is the chapel of our lady and gospel (XIV century).

Thanks to its medieval appearance Locronan became a shooting location for several films - for example, the painting "Tess" of Roman Polanski in 1979 based on the novel "Tess of the d'urbervilles online" author of the XIX century by Thomas hardy.