/ / Lourdes castle and the Museum of the Pyrenees: photos, description (Chateau fort de Lourdes)

Lourdes castle and the Museum of the Pyrenees: photos, description (Chateau fort de Lourdes)

In Lourdes, which is due to the sanctuary is a famous European pilgrimage center, you can find secular attractions. One of them is Lourdes fortress, where the Museum of the Pyrenees.

About the castle itself remained not so much information. It was built in the XI century in the rocky terrain near the river. At the end of the VIII century it was the residence of Charlemagne, king of the Franks and founder of the dynasty of the Carolingians. He later became the estate belonging to the County of champagne, and then passed into the possession of the French kings. In the XIII-XIV century the castle was built donjon impressive.

The Museum of the Pyrenees was opened in the walls of the castle in 1921 on the initiative of the scientist, exploring the Pyrenees, and collector of Louis-Le-Bondedge and his wife Margaret of Louieville. The collection of the Museum dedicated to the art and traditions of the inhabitants of the Pyrenees. It presents crafts and activities common in the area (agriculture, animal husbandry, cheesemaking, etc.). Part of the exhibition devoted to life of the peasants of the Pyrenees, here you can see the interiors of their homes and furnishings - furniture, glassware, pottery, traditional costumes. Also, this Museum features local paintings, sacred art, and even the local funeral traditions. In General, the exposition of the Museum represents the lives of the inhabitants of this mountain massif from the XVIII to XX century.

In the courtyard of the castle with models of buildings in different architectural styles prevalent in the region and other parts of France.

At the top of the castle is an observation deck, which is accessible by a steep stone staircase, or through a modern lift. From the upper level of the castle offers panoramic views of Lourdes and its suburbs.