/ / Lourdes wax Museum: photos, description (Musee de cire)

Lourdes wax Museum: photos, description (Musee de cire)

In Europe's largest pilgrim center - Lourdes - almost all attractions are associated with the Christian saints, or dedicated to them. Even at the local wax Museum represented not the "stars" of cinema and show-business, and the participants are all known from the Bible events and the most recognizable in the modern Catholic world personalities.

The exposition of the Museum presents about a hundred figures made of wax. The creators of the Museum tried to give the most attention, of course, Jesus Christ, as well as local Saint - Bernadette, which many times was the virgin Mary and revealed to her the source of healing water. These wonderful events took place not so long ago, only in the mid-nineteenth century. The story told Bernadette, was recognized as truthful, and the source of the miraculous, and since then to Lourdes in an endless stream of pilgrims drawn from all over the world. Saint Bernadette in Lourdes dedicated to the Church, which is part of the famous Lourdes sanctuary. Also particularly venerated grotto Massabielle where a miracle happened. In addition, Lourdes was turned into a Museum house where was born a poor girl, the former one of the children of Miller. Also, the city saved the building of the school where he went to Bernadette Soubirous. At the time of the apparitions of the mother of God Bernadette was only 14 years old, and after recognizing her visions by the Catholic Church, the girl took the monastic vows and the rest of his life in the monastery. Bernadette died of tuberculosis at the age of 35 years.

The portion of the Museum devoted to Pope John Paul II and mother Teresa - nun, Nobel peace prize, which after her death the Catholic Church has recognized the blessed.

In the Museum you can see not only individual figures but the whole composition of the wax. One of them, the most famous is recreated in wax painting of Leonardo da Vinci's "last supper".